Custom/OEM work

Antiwave offers some of the most exclusive OEM work for tactical distributors around the world

Realsteel Knives - We have been a partner of Realsteel for a long time now. With them giving us our first break in the tactical bag business. We have created 4 projects to date for Realsteel and have been very pleased with the outcome.

Pilgrim 22 was probably one of our most ambitious projects to date. Making a bag that could fit 22 knives and tools and also be carried easily without having any bearing on the contents inside. Realsteel gave us high end specs for this bag and we offered the best possible materials for this bag, even an aluminium plate inside to further protect the contents

Urban Carbon is a sleek EDC pouch with more than meets the eye quality. Firstly, the pouch is completely coated with pure carbon fiber which offers fantastic safteey for the contents inside.

Tactical Pocket was a another project designed for Realsteel knives that allows knives and even 9mm magazines to be attached to gear. The pouch is not conventional in the sense that it just has one opening. The whole pouch can be taken apart from the sides to the bottom and then refitted around the item to be placed inside.

Scout Box - A new company that we started working with and have a lot more projects in the on the drawing board for Will and the team.

Scout Pouch was the first OEM project we created for a box company and it was an interesting one. Scout Box needed a pouch that would be suitable for foraging and general bushcrafting. We came up with the Scout pouch which when closed acts as a small bag and when open can be used as a foraging net bag. Really neat little project