What does Antiwave gear do/provide?

Antiwave gear provides high grade law enforcement standard gear for users worldwide. Developed by Hangzhou based Realsteel Knives and Suzhou based tactical equipment manufacturers is a humble yet

*Antiwave has not been condoned by any special or law enforcement services

What is it that Antiwave does differently?

Most of the tactical bags on the market are developed by the bag companies. Bag companies have an intimate knowledge of what looks cool and what colours go with what. Yet do they have a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent uses of such tactical bags?

Lovers of knives, now you can be happy, this brand is developed, designed and implemented by an actual knife company! From love, from understanding, from professional experience. The philosophy of Antiwave is to make industry leaders the main body of development

If I order today, how long can I expect to wait for my bag?

Your bag will be shipped directly from our state of the art facility in Hangzhou. Depending on which country you are buying from shipping times may vary, but we tend to say 3-5 days is your best guess

How can I pay for my bag?

We accept all global payment services, so making payment for your bags is an easy as one, two, three. And as we do not store any of your payment information you can rest

Are there any other places I can buy Antiwave gear from?

Indeed there is. To make the bags easier to buy and also to cut down on your shipping charges Antiwave bags are also dispatched from our secondary warehouse in the US.

On top of this we have a group of worldwide distributors at the ready to send our bags to you; please see below;

MORA Distribution (U.K)

Aiyu Corp (Japan)

BlueRidge Knives (U.S)FAQs